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Key Features

Key Benefits

MidFlow® Enterprise Integration is a state-of-the-art process driven enterprise integration middleware, engineered around service-oriented architecture (SOA) to ensure maximum usability if its functions across different businesses.

  • Asynchronous Operation: In a distributed business environment, no matter what type of connection you have, your business will still function uninterruptedly.
  • Service Re-Use: use existing software modules rather than writing new ones.
  • Complex Event Processing: actions can be taken when a pattern of events is recognized, rather in response to individual events.

MidFlow® Enterprise Integration

  • Interoperability: Exchange data and services among several heterogeneous systems enabling them to effectively operate together.
  • Business Driven Integration: The integration has been taken to a higher level which can be set by Business rather than by IT.​
  • Dataflow Control: Control information transition from one process to another while maintaining data integrity and security.